Les boisés La Fleur, serving customers specific needs for over thirty years …

A Leader in sustainable development

The success of les boisés La Fleur can be attributed to the well-being of its employees, the latest and most technologically advanced equipment, its respect for the environment and its support for the local community. The company manufactures and distributes exceptional quality products and offers impeccable customer service.

Superior quality products
Les boisés La Fleur specializes in the production of decorative wood veneer. Manufacturing high quality decorative wood veneer sheets that meet customer specifications with veneer form around the world.

The finest machinery available
Les boisés La Fleur does not hesitate to invest in production equipment, making sure that the latest technology is used to perfect their craft. With the employees` vast experience and top of the line equipment, we are able to produce and distribute veneers of the highest level of the veneer and Plywood industry standard and this within the prescribed delay.

The wellbeing of our employes
We at les boisés La Fleur make employee training a priority. We also offer our employees a voluntary registered retirement savings plan. As well as being in the process of implementing a family oriented practices workplace initiative with a recognized firm. Our employees work in a "controlled climate" workplace where the temperature and humidity are the same year round. Making the working conditions optimal.

Respect for the environment
Les boisés La Fleur is third party certified in to ensure the sustainability of the forests from which our raw materials come from. We are also one of the rare companies in our region that adhere to ``Démarche D2`` an initiative that helps entrepreneurs in the industrial sector adopt practices that are responsible, ensure economic prosperity and are environmentally friendly.

Community involvement
Each year, les boisés La Fleur donates tens of thousands of dollars back to the community. Our employees are encouraged to get involved in causes that are close to their hearts and we donate to these causes systematically. Also, to promote a sense of community and wellbeing, les boisés La Fleur participates in the organization of an event called "Party gang de rue". This event brings together all the employees and their families from the various companies on rue François-Bourgeois where our company is located. There are activities for all ages and lunch is served with a smile by company owners. It is an opportunity to enjoy a day of fun for the whole family.

Vidéo présentation générale

A wood veneer splicing facility that produces decorative veneer destined to the Plywood industry. These veneer faces will end up in architectural projects throughout North America.


Les boisés La Fleur`s mission is to manufacture high quality decorative wood veneer sheets which meet the specific demands of their clientele.

For the company and its managers, five values stand out; respect, involvement, the environment, passion and teamwork.

The company is continuously searching for more efficient technology and methods for sustainable development. Striving for economic prosperity for the good of the community as well as for the protection of the environment. Les boisés La Fleur takes all these factors into account when making decisions.


Founded in 1984 par Mr. Marcel Lafleur, les boisés La Fleur is a specialized manufacturer of decorative wood veneer. In 1993, Louis Lafleur, Marcel’s son, took over the management of the company and became sole proprietor in 2007. Today, at which point major investments in machinery where made to ensure quality of manufacturing as well as efficiency and the wellbeing of the employees.

In 2011, M. Louis Lafleur moved the company into a new building that was designed specifically to produce veneer. This 3 million dollar investment improved productivity and efficiency.

Even after more than 30 years, Les boisés La Fleur continues to grow and evolve and is always looking for the right people to join their team.