Partnerships that make the difference. Les boisés La Fleur is dedicated to helping its customers find the veneer they need for their projects over and over again.

Our veneers

Les boisés La Fleur has a vast selection of species from around the world to chose from. With over 60 species in stock we have veneers for every project and with our state of the art equipment, we can respond quickly to our customers` specific requirements.

North America

  • Alder, red

    Alder, red

  • Alder, red bm

    Alder, red bm

  • Hickory


  • Cedar, aromatic

    Cedar, aromatic

  • Cedar, yellow

    Cedar, yellow

  • Cedar, red

    Cedar, red

  • Cherry, black american

    Cherry, black american

  • Oak, white

    Oak, white

  • Cypress


  • Maple


  • Maple, naturel

    Maple, naturel

  • Maple, wormy

    Maple, wormy